Our Story

Our Director, Jamil has built this company from the ground up whilst studying in University in the mist of 2015. His main ambition is to provide excellent prices and a truly personal customer service and support. 

He recognised a market where current suppliers were not providing adequate customer service and were charging extortionate prices. The company originally started off as an eBay selling store but has since grown to allow for trade distribution.

Have a look at our feedback (Screenshot date 30/12/17). Recently, Hikvision set a new business agenda where they didn't want their products to be sold on sites such as eBay and Amazon. Hence, we stopped selling via our eBay store on 2/1/18.

A personal message from Jamil:

"Thank you for taking the time to read this little bio about myself. I was very fortunate as I started this company when I had just turned 21; what followed that was years of experience and mistakes. 
The beauty of my company is that you can call me on my phone at any time of the day where I'll assist you to the best of my ability. Go on, try it - 07549 533823."
#Throwback a few months following launch in 2015.